An Introduction to Project GhostLight

‘GhostLight’ is my current side project, a simple 2D Platformer with light-based mechanics made in Unity. The projects stems from a recent game jam, as well as a desire to create something of professional quality and finish.

It is my attempt to get something published on an online distribution service, as well as to allow me to explore the full development lifecycle of a game on my own.

The premise of GhostLight is that you are a dead torch (flashlight) and awake in the afterlife, exploring through approximately 8 levels (loosely based on the 7 deadly sins and purgatory) in order to seek redemption. A bit of a weird theme, but I like it!

At the moment I’m about half way through the design for the first level, and I’ve finished the animation set for one of the enemies. I’ll be posting code, art, and design updates to this blog so I hope you enjoy! As an introductory post I’ll show the frames for one of the spider pot enemies in the game:


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